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Weddings are a big deal. You want to show your love and excitement for the bride with the perfect wedding shower gift, but where do you start? Check out these tips that we’ve assembled to help guide the perfect gift decision process for the bride-to-be.

How Much to Spend

This partly depends on your relationship with the bride and your own financial situation, but generally speaking, if you stick in the $20-$80 range, you should be just fine.

How Many Gifts

Many people wonder if they need to give a shower gift and a wedding gift at the actual wedding. Proper etiquette says, yes! If you’re attending both, then it’s appropriate to give a gift at both. If you’re tight on money, then buy 2 smaller gifts at the lower end of the price range. You don’t need to go wild. If you aren’t able to attend one of the events, then it’s up to you if you want to send a gift.

Go with a Theme

One great idea is to go with a theme. Some wedding showers have themes, like food or the home. This is usually a hint at what the bride may need, so stick to the theme. You could consider a kitchen item from the registry or a home decor item for the above themes. You could also create a theme all your own. You could chip into a group gift that has a theme or create your own between your shower gift and the wedding gift. For example, you could go with a theme like baking, Asian cuisine, movie night at home, etc. This shows that you put some thought into the gift.

Keep It Appropriate

When choosing gifts for bridal showers, make sure it’s appropriate for the audience. You don’t want to give some risque lingerie if the shower includes the bride’s family or children. If it’s a shower with just friends, then it may be okay to give some fun lingerie.

The Perfect Gift

For the perfect bridal shower giftsthere are several ways to score big. You could give something handmade, sentimental, or personalized for the couple. You could also go with the wedding registry and ensure that you’re getting something the couple needs. Some commonly well-received gifts also include pampering items like spa certificates and lotions. The most important thing is that you give from the heart.